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5 Podcasts To Inspire Your Inner Boss Lady

5 Podcasts To Inspire Your Inner Boss Lady

I’ve been on a podcast kick lately. I think it’s because I’ve been putting as much free time as my baby will allow into my side hustle. Ever since my maternity leave came and went like a flash of light, I have been actively working on building a freelance writing business so that I can work from home one day. To help me achieve my goal, I’ve been soaking up every piece of side hustle knowledge that I can, from Facebook groups and how-to articles, to my new favorite, podcasts.

I have to admit, I never jumped on to the podcast bandwagon. (Aside from obsessively listening to every single episode of Serial season one, but who didn’t do that?) I did attempt to browse through the podcast app once or twice, but I always found myself completely overwhelmed or disinterested.

Somewhere along the line in my “continuing education”, as I like to call it, I decided to give podcasts another try. Surely there had to be content out there for women like me, looking to go into business for themselves.

I was surprised to discover quite a few podcasts that were helpful, insightful, and simply inspiring.

Now, I’ve subscribed to a few of my favorites (which I am going to share with you shortly), and look forward to a new episode each week. The best part is that all of these podcasts have been around for a while. This means that there is a back log of dozens and dozens of previous episodes, chocked full of amazing content, to keep me occupied until a new episode is released.

If you’re looking for interesting and informative content to inspire your inner boss lady, give these podcasts a listen.ย 

The Goal Digger Podcast – by Jenna KutcherThe Goal Digger Podcast

This podcast is all about taking your business, whatever that may be, to the next level. Jenna describes her podcast as a “live-workshop style business podcast for creative girl bosses”. Episodes feature interviews with business owners and entrepreneurs of various fields, or some one-on-one time with Jenna as she tackles a specific topic.

The interviews in this podcast are always interesting for the simple fact that no two business owners are alike. Author, calligrapher, boutique shop owner, the list goes on and on, and they have some pretty cool insight on what it takes to be a successful business owner.

The Blog Millionaire – by Brandon Gaille

blogmillionairepodcastThis podcast aims to teach bloggers pro strategies to grow their traffic and monetize their blog. Brandon knows what he’s talking about, and he’s sharing the good stuff every week, from SEO and social media marketing to email list building and conversion optimization.

Not only is Brandon a successful blogger with over 1 million monthly visitors, but he also has an incredibly inspiring back story. Brandon’s podcast is perfect for bloggers who want to grow their own blog empire, and be inspired along the way.

the influencer podcastThe Influencer Podcast – by Julie Solomon


As the title suggests, The Influencer Podcast is all about influencer marketing, which Julie perfectly describes as “ever changing”. Julie’s podcast features interviews with successful influencers in a way that’s casual and welcoming, yet insightful and informative. These industry elites share all kinds of delicious pro tips, including how they continue to grow their influence.

This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to, because even if I think I know a lot about the topic being discussed, I always walk away with at least one new piece of information that I can later utilize in my own business. Julie also talks a lot about how saturated the blogging and influencer fields are, and through her interviews, shares insightful ways to work around the clutter.

Girlboss Radio – by Sophia Amoruso

Girlboss RadioYou probably already know who Sophia, the original “girlboss” is, and if you don’t, you’ve been living under a rock. Go ahead, I’ll give you a moment to Google her. Moving on, Sophia’s podcast aims to “extract solid advice” from “boundary-pushing” successful business women. With guests like Brit Morin (Founder and CEO of Brit + Co), Anne Fulenwider (Editor-in-Chief at Marie Claire), and Alli Webb (Founder of Drybar), Sophia’s episodes are incredibly insightful.

If you prefer candid conversation, than this podcast is for you. Sophia and her guests don’t take themselves too seriously, so you’ll get some laughs along with that juicy insider knowledge.


sweetlife entrepreneur podcast

SweetLife Entrepreneur – by April Beach

Is your business plan less of a strategy and more of a wishlist? Then you need a business coach. Enter, women’s startup coach, April Beach. The SweetLife Entrepreneur podcast is geared toward women looking to launch their own online business. April shares tips and tricks from her decade of experience coaching female entrepreneur’s to “simplify your businesses and dominate your 20-hour workweek.”

Episodes include concrete advice that you can actually implement to help expand your business (Episode 17: Anatomy of a Sales Funnel), and gentle reminders of the importance of a work-life balance (Episode 28: Discover the Power of a Digital Detox). The best part? April offers FREE SweetLife Entrepreneur startup courses!

What are your favorite podcasts to listen to? How do they inspire or help you reach your business goals? Tell me about it, in the comments section below!

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