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5 Ways To De-Dog Your House

5 Ways To De-Dog Your House

Most of you probably already know this, but we have four dogs! I know, I know…we are crazy dog people. In our defense, they are all really cute. Nevertheless, we known four dogs is a lot. We may be crazy dog people, but we don’t want our house to smell like we are crazy dog people. When we added a fourth dog into our home it only revived my incessant need to keep things tidy and clean. It’s bad enough to have four tail-wagging pups bum rush our guests, I don’t want them to have to plug their nose when they come over for a visit. To avoid being labeled the stinky house, I take certain cleaning measures which I have decided to share with all of you. Here are some great tips on how to de-dog your house.

Launder Your Linens

When in doubt, do some laundry. If your place stinks of dog but you can’t quite figure out where the stench is coming from, it’s most likely your linens. Fabric absorbs smell. The obvious culprit is the dog bedding, but it’s not just that. Wash all the fabrics your pup comes into contact with, your curtains, throw pillows, bath mats, etc. In between washes? Invest in some Febreze or generic brand of fabric freshener.

Clean Your Floors

Aside from the dog bedding, the floors hold the most pet dander and fur. If you have carpet, vacuum regularly. Invest in a steam cleaner and treat your carpets a few times a year or every month if necessary. If you have hardwood floors or tile, sweep and dust on a regular basis and give the floors a thorough mopping. Not only will this practice keep your house smelling fresh, but more importantly it will do wonders for your sinuses.
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Look how much hair comes off my friend’s dog, Axel, during a bath! Routine baths and a good brushing will help keep the dog hair to a minimum. Oh! And go follow all of Axel’s adventures on Instagram. 🙂

Bathe Your Pups

The best course of action is a good offense. Start with the source…your dogs! Bathe your dogs when they start smelling a bit ripe. Worried about over bathing them and irritating their skin? You can purchase refresher sprays or wipes at your local pet store. Regular brushing will make baths more effective and reduce the amount of pet dander.

Toss Old Dog Supplies

To keep your pet fresh, dump the old stuff. Dirty and worn dog bedding should be replaced. Torn and stinky toys should be tossed. Old collars that have been soiled with slobber should be thrown away.

Keep Your Bedding Fresh

I know many of you are thinking this doesn’t apply to you because your pups aren’t allowed on the bed. Well, I’ve got news for you.

Chances are, when you are busy slaving away over your keyboard at work your dog is most likely resting in luxury on your fresh linens. Wash your bedding on a regular basis, not only because its sanitary and common sense, but also because your dogs are sneaky. If you do let your dogs on your bed (as I do, when they are clean of course), you should already be laundering your sheets on a regular basis.

keep your house clean when you have dogs

With these simple tips, you could have four dogs like me (or more!) and the smell of your house won’t betray you. Just add these basics to your normal cleaning routine. And remember, fragrant candles can work wonders!

What did I miss? Do you have any cleaning tips for a house full of dogs? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments section below!

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