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Resolving To Put Pen To Paper

Resolving To Put Pen To Paper

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I’m not a big fan of making New Years resolutions for the simple fact that they are almost impossible to keep. The reason? We tend to set the bar too high, and then we wind up feeling bad about ourselves when we don’t succeed. I don’t know about you, but I’m just not a fan of setting myself up for failure. Still, I love the feeling of a fresh start and the new possibilities that a new year brings. It’s enough to get me back on the resolution band wagon, within reason of course. It’s all about setting attainable goals, resolutions you can actually keep all year long.

How To Actually Keep A New Years Resolution

The trick to making successful resolutions is to commit to something you actually want to do. Choosing a resolution for the wrong reasons will most surely result in failure. For example, resolving to read a new novel every month when you don’t actually enjoy reading. You probably wouldn’t even get halfway through that first novel. If you’re resolving to better yourself in someway, keep it reasonable. Resolve to make healthier lifestyle choices instead of attempting to cut sugar cold turkey or participate in a triathlon (unless you’re already into those sort of things). I think you get my point.

Snail Mail Resolution

This year, my resolution is to up my snail mail game. Writing thank you notes and sending birthday cards is something I’ve always done, just not as diligently as I’d like. When it comes to thank you notes, I especially get bogged down after a big event or holiday. Unfortunately, I know I have missed a few people here and there. The same goes for birthdays and anniversaries. I’ve never gone to a party empty-handed, but if I won’t be seeing you for your birthday, I may forget to send you a card. This year, I’d like to change all that. Maybe even throw in some “thinking of you” correspondences just because.

I’ve Got A Plan

So how do I keep this resolution from ending up with all the others, on the island of forgotten resolutions? I’ve got a plan. The first step, and the funnest step, was to get some pretty new stationery. I scoured through TJ Maxx and Home Goods paper section and came up with two charming sets of stationery. I got lucky in the dollar section of Target when I stumbled across some gorgeous “just because” cards. And a few holiday orders from Erin Condren scored me a few stylish postcards. Step two was to update my address book, and I was all set.

Getting Organized

You and I both know that buying new stationery won’t keep me on track no more than buying new running gear will get you across triathlon finish line. That’s where the next step of my plan comes into play. Step three was to get organized. I pulled out my planner and made sure I had every birthday and anniversary accounted for, and made a list of such occasions for each month. To ensure I don’t let the month get away from me, I’ll fill out the cards at the beginning of each month. That way, when the time comes, all that’s left to do is stamp it and hand it over to the mail man. To ensure I don’t forget to send thanks, step four is to jot down in my planner every time someone does something deserving of a “thank you” note, or to make a list after any holidays or events in which gifts are received.

With this plan of attack, I think there is a pretty good chance that I’ll actually put my money where my mouth is. And, to top it off, my resolution will bring joy to those I love. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy getting snail mail? I feel special anytime I get something other than a bill or catalog in the mail. I’m feeling pretty darn good about my resolution this year. It checks all the boxes of an achievable goal, and it’s fun for me and my recipients. That’s what I call a New Year, New You win-win!

How do you keep your New Years resolutions? Tell me about it, in the comments section below! 

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