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A Simple & Stress-Free Pregnancy Annoucement

A Simple & Stress-Free Pregnancy Annoucement

One of the most exciting parts of a pregnancy, is making the big announcement. Aside from revealing the gender (click here to see some super cute gender reveal ideas), announcing to the world that you’re expecting elicits the best kind of emotion and reaction from your family and friends. Even still, there are plenty of people who may try to rain on your parade with their stupid rules. Announcing you’re pregnant before you are at the 12 week marker has become pregnancy taboo. Everyone warns against it, your much more experienced mom-friends, the OB/GYN, heck, even I’ve told a cautionary tale or two. I’m well aware of the medical reasons for such warnings, but it didn’t stop me from calling a handful of my closest family members the second that little blue plus sign appeared.

Our Not-So-Little Secret

My first prenatal appointment was still two weeks away, and most of our immediate family (on both sides) already knew we were pregnant. Those who were lucky enough to get the inside scoop were sworn to secrecy, a promise, we later learned, that was broken many times over. As for friends, coworkers, and extended family, Blake and I swore we would keep our mouths shut until we saw a heart beating. Just a couple days later, my very intuitive best friends immediately called me out for skipping the wine at a couples dinner. My lame excuses held no weight, and just like that, I had spread baby fever to all of my closest friends.

A Heartbeat & A Box Of Donuts

Shortly after that dinner, we finally had our first ultrasound. Turns out, I was already 8 weeks pregnant, and sure enough, we saw our baby’s strong little heartbeat for the first time. With visual confirmation, it was time to let the cat out of the bag. Rumors had been swirling around my work for a couple of weeks; apparently a constant diet of saltine crackers is a dead giveaway. Even though no one would be surprised, I still wanted to do something fun. So, I bought a dozen donuts, printed out a copy of the sonogram, and topped the box with ” Eat up! I don’t want to be the only one around here with a belly.” It was a super simple announcement, and everyone loved it. I mean, who doesn’t love donuts and babies?! [This photo was featured in a POPSUGAR post. You can see the full post here.]

Taking The Pressure Off

Shortly after I peed on a stick and got a unmistakable positive, I began plotting and planning how I would announce my pregnancy. Fast forward a few weeks and the majority of our family, closest friends, and my coworkers already knew we were pregnant, but it still wasn’t social media official. As that 12 week milestone approached, I felt pressure to come up with a picture perfect announcement. I spent hours and hours scouring Pinterest and mentally comparing my hypothetical announcement to those of Insta-famous mom bloggers. The more I focused on it, the more overwhelmed I felt and the longer I put it off.

Just shy of 12 weeks, Blake and I were on a wine tasting trip in Temecula. It was his Christmas gift to me, and we booked the non-refundable trip before we found out I was pregnant. It’s okay, we still had a great time, and he got to wine taste for two. Call it a very early baby moon, if you will. Anyways, one day while shopping in Old Town Temecula, we popped into a baby apparel shop. We thought it would be fun to pick out our baby’s very first outfit. Of course we didn’t know the gender yet, so we bought one of each. Blake took a candid photo of me holding both outfits. Later at dinner, while I sipped my ice water with lemon and watched with jealousy as Blake downed an ice cold beer, I had a “screw it” moment. I uploaded the photo to Instagram, wrote a quick explanation, and shared to Facebook.

The photo wasn’t carefully thought out and executed, it wasn’t edited, and there was nothing particularly special about it. Even still, it didn’t take long for the comments and messages to flood our social media inboxes. We were inundated with well wishes and congratulations. I breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing how much love our simple pregnancy announcement received left me with little regrets. The pressure for that perfect, clever, creative, beautiful pregnancy announcement was gone. Turns out, the people who love you could care less about how you announce, they will just be excited about the subject of your announcement. So let this be a gentle reminder to go easy on yourself. And hey, should you (or I) get the urge to attempt a picture perfect pregnancy announcement, there’s always next time. 😉

How did you announce your pregnancy? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below!

5 thoughts on “A Simple & Stress-Free Pregnancy Annoucement”

  • That’s a really cute candid shot of you holding up your baby’s first outfits 🙂 I’ve to say that the donut one was a fun reference, but i guess, nothing quite beats your own special way of announcing the wonderful news 🙂

    Best wishes!

  • What a fun post! I love the donut idea, and I also like that you didn’t stress out too much about the social media announcement. I commend you for that! I’ve never been pregnant before, but it sounds like the stress of choosing the PERFECT announcement could tarnish the joy of the announcement itself. Thanks for your post! I’ll certainly keep it in mind when our exciting day comes. 🙂

    • Thanks! The donut announcement was so much fun for everyone! And it really was a good lesson to learn. Reminder to look at the bigger picture and don’t stress the small stuff.

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