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How To Let Go Of Working Mom Guilt

How To Let Go Of Working Mom Guilt

Today, I came home from work and immediately went to greet my beautiful baby, as usual. As my mother-in-law held her, my little one gave me a nice big smile and I held out my arms to her. She reached out and I grabbed her, […]

A Simple & Stress-Free Pregnancy Annoucement

A Simple & Stress-Free Pregnancy Annoucement

One of the most exciting parts of a pregnancy, is making the big announcement. Aside from revealing the gender (click here to see some super cute gender reveal ideas), announcing to the world that you’re expecting elicits the best kind of emotion and reaction from […]

How To Survive Traveling With A Baby

How To Survive Traveling With A Baby

Last Friday, my husband and I packed up the baby and all of her gear and headed out to the desert for the long weekend. We rented a house with a group of our closest friends, and planned to spend the whole time by the pool. I envisioned myself perched up on a lounger with a cocktail in one hand and a magazine in the other. Go ahead and laugh at my foolishness, mamas. You know you want to, because traveling with a baby (even for a quick little getaway) is no walk in the park.

My Instagram highlighted perfect moments from our trip, but what you didn’t see in my carefully curated feed were all the struggles that come when you travel with a baby. Nope, you won’t see a photo of Lily refusing to eat foods she usually enjoys, nor will you see a post about how she would wake up a measly hour after we put her down for bed (so much for a late night dip in the jacuzzi). Despite some of these baby hang ups, we actually had a good time, but I think it was because we were as prepared as we could be. Even so, there is always something new to learn when it comes to parenting, and traveling with baby is no different.

Travel With A BabyHere are some tips to help you survive traveling with a baby.

Start a packing list weeks before you go.

I’m a list addict, and I’m always afraid that I’m going to forget something important. A packing list is the perfect way to ensure you remember to bring everything you may need for baby. I start my list early so that I can continue to add to it as needed. As for what goes on that list, you want to cover all your bases, but don’t go overboard. Carefully consider what items are most important to take care of your baby while away. Make sure to pack plenty of the essentials (diapers, wipes, baby food), and limit the unnecessary stuff (too many toys, too many outfits). Take your accommodations, the climate, and what kind of activities you will be doing into consideration when making your packing list.

Bring a few containment options. 

Between my husband and my girlfriends, I had a lot of people I could hand the baby off to on this trip. Still, there were plenty of times when there were no arms available to hold her, like when we were all huddled in the kitchen tackling dinner for 8 people. My husband and I were debating whether or not to bring our Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Playard, and I’m so happy we decided to take it with us. It’s portable and easy to pop open, so we were able to move it from outside to inside with no hassle. You’ll also want to think about where the baby will sleep. Consider bringing a portable bassinet or a Pack ‘n Play. We brought our Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper for nap time. This rocker also folds up, making it convenient for travel.

Don’t forget the baby monitor.

The baby monitor wasn’t on my original packing list. It only came to mind a few days before our getaway, and I immediately added it to the list because there was no way I was going to bed when the baby did. Each night we would put Lily down in our room, set up the baby monitor, and then join our friends for a cocktail and a game of Cards Against Humanity. The baby monitor allowed us to keep an eye on our sleeping angel (yeah right), while we enjoyed our grown up time. It also allowed us to continue playing in the pool while she napped in the house.

Make a game plan with your partner.

Prior to your trip, sit down with your spouse and discuss who will be on baby duty when. Assuming the majority of your vacation is spent together as a family, there may still be some instances when one parent needs a break. For example, if mom books herself a spa day, then dad better make sure he’s free to watch the little one. The same goes for mom, if dad should reserve a tee time for golf. Take turns putting the baby down for naps, changing diapers, and feeding, if possible. If mom breast feeds, dad can make her a plate of food or get her a glass of water. Make putting the baby down for bed a team effort. Someone is bound to feel resentment if they are stuck each night trying to get the baby to sleep while their partner is sipping a margarita and simmering in the hot tub.

Be flexible.

You’re traveling with a baby. It’s doubtful that everything will go according to plan. Leave some wiggle room in your itinerary, just in case. You never know when an unexpected poo-explosion may happen. Try not to book any activities that aren’t easy to reschedule or that are non-refundable. My biggest piece of advice when traveling with a baby is to go with the flow. After all, you are traveling with a baby!

Got any tips of your own for traveling with a baby? I’d love to hear your suggestions. Post in the comments section below!


The Roller Coaster of Motherhood

The Roller Coaster of Motherhood

It’s 9:30 in the morning, and I’ve just now gotten a moment to myself to drink my coffee and vent through the keyboard. Last night was rough, and this morning hasn’t been any easier. For whatever reason (everything’s a mystery these days), my seven month […]

Let’s Talk About Pumping

Let’s Talk About Pumping

I’m just going to say it, I freaking hate pumping. I’m not ashamed to admit it, either. It doesn’t hurt, and it’s not even that uncomfortable for me. It’s just a nuisance that’d I’d rather do without. I know some holier than thou mommies will […]

Why A Diaper Subscription Can Be Totally Worth It

Why A Diaper Subscription Can Be Totally Worth It

As a new mom, I suddenly have a lot more to think about on a day to day basis, and a brain that’s usually running on little sleep. That’s not the best combo for keeping life and the house in order. I often forget the most routine of tasks. Did I feed the dogs this morning? When was the last time I showered? I leave the grocery store with a cart full of stuff except the one item I went for, so how can I expect to remember such necessities as diapers and wipes?

So Many Choices

The first few weeks after my daughter was born, I was sleep deprived, practically permanently parked on the couch recovering from a c-section, and nursing my newborn, what felt like, nonstop. Realizing I was down to my last handful of diapers, and unable to leave the house on my own, I decided to order online. In the hospital we were using those Pampers Swaddlers that have the pee indicator strip. Those worked just fine, so I checked Amazon. I order the biggest box they had and got it the next day with Prime free shipping. Around two weeks later we needed more diapers.

I didn’t really have an opinion on the Pampers. The pee strip was cool, but other than that I wasn’t attached to them in any way. In fact, I had received several different brands of diapers at my baby shower and was inclined to try them all. Might as well use them, right? After sampling four different brands, the The Honest Company diapers were my favorite, plus who can resist those adorable prints?

Why I Chose Honest Company Diapers

Aside from making ridiculously cute diapers, I was drawn to the company’s whole “better for baby, better for the environment” vibe. When it came down to the actual quality of the diapers, The Honest Company couldn’t be beat. I did like the convenience of the pee strip Pampers, but the mesh liner material often stuck to my baby’a sensitive bottom if a dirty diaper wasn’t immediately changed. We’ve never had that issue with Honest diapers. The Costco brand diapers we tried seemed flimsy in comparison, and despite using the correct size, we had pee leakage on several occasions. What really sold me on making Honest diapers our poop sacks of choice was their bundle subscription service.

The Price Breakdown

I was initially hesitant to go ahead and fall in love with Honest diapers, because surely such a quality product with trendy aesthetics would not be cost effective. Without high hopes, I priced out the cost of their monthly subscription of diapers and wipes in comparison to ordering the same amount of Pampers on Amazon Prime. The Honest bundle included 6 packs of diapers (roughly the same amount as 2 large Pampers boxes) and four packages of wipes for $79.95, plus about $6 for shipping. Bundles are shipped every 4 weeks, and subscribers are alerted prior to shipping for an opportunity to change sizes and prints as needed. Other than needing to change a size when my little one has outgrown her current britches, or when I’ve got the desire to swap adorable prints, I don’t have to do anything. A new supply of diapers and wipes shows up on my doorstep every month.

Amazon also has a reoccurring delivery service you can subscribe to, and there isn’t much of a difference in cost. In fact, depending on the product you choose, ordering through Amazon may be a little cheaper. Two large Pampers boxes cost around $60 on Amazon, but add wipes to that and you’re looking at spending about the same as I pay a month for Honest diapers and wipes.

The Cost Of Convenience

Ultimately, a subscription service made the most sense to me for the convenience alone. Once I discovered the brand I preferred was cost effective relative to other brands we’ve tried, it was a no-brainer for me. Of course, every baby is different, and which diapers work best for you and yours may differ than what works best for us. Whichever brand you choose to use, look into a no hassle subscription option. It can make life as a busy mom just a tad bit easier. Looking for other ways to make life easier as a new mom? I’ve got a few for you, right here!


**For those of you who are concerned about the Honest Company baby powder recall, we don’t use powder at all. Butt Paste is our favorite bum soothing product!


My little one used Honest diapers for the first 7 months of life, but I recently put my monthly subscription on hold because of their wipes recall. 🙁 What was the point in having diapers delivered if I had to go out anyways for wipes? We had already tried the Target Up & Up Sensitive Skin Wipes and liked them, so I figured why not try the diapers. Turns out, I could get a tiny bit more wipes and diapers and pay half the cost with the Up & Up brand. You can check out the breakdown I did, on my Facebook page. (By the way, are we friends on Facebook yet?) How crazy is that!? We have no leakage, and I’m saving money. I miss the adorable prints, but with the Honest wipes still on recall and the insane price difference, there really is no contest.