What NOT To Feed Your Dog

how to choose healthy dog food
I’m always surprised by how many people are completely clueless when it comes to what they should be feeding their dogs. Working in the pet care industry in a fairly wealthy area, you would think I rarely come across those who feed their dogs the worst kind of crap, but unfortunately it’s extremely common. I will give these people the benefit of the doubt that their mistake is simply ignorance rather than lack of caring. After all, it is rather easy to fall for those bogus marketing phrases and gimmicks.

Here’s the truth:

If your pup eats that bright colorful dry kibble that sort of smells and feels like rubber, his diet is comparable to someone who eats McDonald’s for every single meal. That crap is extremely processed with not only chemicals with names that I cannot even attempt to pronounce, but with colored dyes and unhealthy preservatives. As a rule of thumb, avoid most brands of dog food that you can buy at the grocery store or Walmart.

how to choose a quality dog food

So, the question is what should you be feeding your beloved furry kid?

First step toward making the right choice is to read the ingredient list on the packaging.


The first ingredient listed should be a recognizable food source (chicken, turkey, salmon, etc.).


Skip the bags that contain by-products, preservatives, coloring additives, and the typical ingredients you wouldn’t want your human children eating such as artificial sweeteners (corn syrup, fructose, etc.) and binders (corn and wheat gluten).


Still having issues?

Feeding your pup high-quality, expensive, and nutritious food but still having stomach or skin issues? It may not be the quality of the food, but the actual ingredients. Just as humans can have food allergies, so can dogs, and many do.


Some dogs develop allergies that require them to eat grain-free food, others have allergies to certain kinds of protein.


If Fido is constantly itching or having soft stool no matter what remedies you try, consult with your vet to see if allergies are the culprit. My boxer went through a soft stool phase no matter what holistic remedies I tried. I switched her from a chicken and rice kibble to a duck and sweet potato and she’s pooped solid ever since.

Unfortunately, the brand I feed my pups (when they aren’t eating raw) has been bought out by Del Monte and will most likely end up with different, cheaper ingredients. That means it’s time to switch it up again.

If you aren’t sure how to go about finding a good brand of food for your four-legged bestie, do some research. I like www.dogfoodadvisor.com for honest reviews and information.Bon Appetit!

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