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Who Run The World? Girls!

Who Run The World? Girls!
Normally I don’t pay too much attention to the spam comments I receive on various blog posts; I just mark them as spam and move on, but this gem right here caught my eye. The comment claims the nut behind the keyboard has a blog, but it’s clearly being spewed all over the place  as spam, as it was posted on several different posts under different names/email addresses. Still, it’s worth sharing. I didn’t click on the url to see if this supposed blog is a real site, and I don’t encourage you to either (especially not worth giving these misogynistic pigs the web traffic). I’m simply sharing it as a cautionary reminder to myself, and to my fellow woman, that assholes like this still exist.

This particular stereotype of American women is not only extremely offensive, it’s a gross misrepresentation. Some of the most badass women in history were/are American. They’ve fought for the right to vote, helped eradicate slavery, and were on the front lines of civil rights efforts. They’ve served our country as soldiers, senators, congresswomen, and even as presidential candidate. They’ve won academy awards, gold medals, and the nobel prize. They’ve saved lives, made discoveries, and helped put us in space. These female accomplishments go on and on, but I think you get my point.

While women are capable of achieving such greatness as exemplified above, I would argue that the average American woman is just as amazing. We carry, birth, and raise the American people. We care for the kids and work to pay the bills. We sit on the PTA and the board of directors. We are expected to put dinner on the table, keep the house clean, and be the primary care taker for our children, yet stay-at-home moms are accused of being lazy. Now more than ever, we are expected to support ourselves and hold our own in a man’s world, yet we are criticized for choosing to work instead of staying home with the kids. Sometimes, it feels like we just can’t win.

This kind of hateful rhetoric is exactly why women in this country still feel the need to fight,  simply to be seen as equals. It’s unfortunate that some people still harbor such ridiculous beliefs. It honestly hurts my heart when people say they don’t know why women still feel the need to protest in the streets. To me, the cause is clear. Women still earn less than men, despite qualifications and education, and are still highly outnumbered in government. We have to fight for the right to access birth control, despite the fact that men can simply mosey on in to their local drugstore and buy condoms; never mind the fact that many women use birth control for other health reasons that have nothing to do with reproduction. And can you fucking believe it, the United States is one of the only countries that does not mandate paid maternity leave for new moms. So we are supposed to birth and care for the newborns of this country without guaranteed income to support ourselves. I think we can all agree this is absolute bullshit.

This is basically just a rant at this point, but I never do this, so I will allow myself one free pass. I usually don’t go all postal when it comes to stuff like this, but seeing this piece of crap spam comment on post after post really irritated me. We just celebrated International Women’s Day a week ago, and this asshole decided to try to take a dump on my blog. No thank you. You can move along with your dilusional, sexist hate speech. I’ll keep lifting up me fellow woman.

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