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Yoga for Poor People

Yoga for Poor People
Hope you all aren’t contemplating punching your boss in the face and making a run for it because it’s Monday. Don’t worry, you’ll get through it. I believe in you! I’m full of energy this morning. Aside from not having to work today, (don’t get envious, tomorrow is my Monday and I work through the upcoming weekend) I started my day off with some yoga to really wake me up and get me going. I’m not totally new to yoga, I have dabbled with it in the past, but it has been a long time.


cheap yogaI haven’t been feeling all that healthy lately and upon stepping on a scale I discovered that this is the heaviest I’ve been in my two year relationship with Blake. Aside from being more careful about what kinds of food and how much of it I’m putting into my mouth, I decided that I needed a new workout routine. Who am I kidding, I’ve barely worked out even thirty minutes this entire summer! It’s been too freaking hot to even take the dogs on a walk. Okay, okay, excuses aren’t going to get me any where. I got lazy in the summer heat. There, I admit it! Anyways, a lot of my friends have been getting back into yoga and I have been having a bit of back pain and discomfort lately, so it seemed like the obvious choice. (Click here for tips to surviving a heated workout.)


I started looking into yoga studios about a month ago and found them bountiful. There is even a very highly rated yoga place two blocks from my house. What could be better!?! My excitement was soon deflated because I realized that yoga is an expensive work out. The average single yoga class is around $17. That may not seem like a lot, but imagine if my goal was to go every day. That would be $119 per week! Now, most yoga places offer unlimited monthly packages that usually range just under $200. I will admit, comparatively to the single class price this is a very good deal for someone who could afford it. I would love to join a yoga studio, but I’m the girl who haggled her gym down to $12 a month!


Yoga At Home

Being too poor at the moment to commit that kind of money to my workout, I turned to the next best thing. I got on amazon and researched the top rated yoga videos that would not only be for a beginner, but also focus on weight loss. After carefully reading all the information about each top rated video, I finally choose one that had a total of two hundred and forty minutes of twelve different routines. What’s even better, it cost me $13 with shipping. I figure the material on this particular video will keep me occupied for at least two months or so. I’d say that’s worth it, if all those amazon reviewers don’t let me down and this video really does a good job of stretching me out and toning my thunder thighs.


Yoga On Youtube

The estimated arrival date for my new yoga workout is Wednesday, but I was eager to start now. I got the obviously, brilliant idea of seeing what the internet had to offer, or more specifically YouTube. First thing I did this morning after I let the dogs out to go potty and fed them breakfast was to power on my laptop and dust off my old mat. Sure enough, there are tons of professional-quality yoga videos on YouTube. There are plenty to choose from: morning routines, flexibility routines, weight loss routines, beginner, intermediate, etc. I picked videos that didn’t look like they were shot in someones living room or backyard. (If yoga isn’t your jam, you can find tons of other workouts on Youtube.)


I did two short routines under the instruction of Tara Stiles and a few minutes into it thought “Holy shit, I am out of shape”. Not only did I loose almost all of the flexibility I seemed to effortlessly have as a teenager, but my muscles have also lost some serious strength. It’s embarrassing to put your body to the test and see where you really stand health-wise. Experienced yogis do the most difficult poses with ease and I strain myself doing the plank pose. Hello Sam, this is your WAKE UP CALL! Either way, this quick yet challenging morning yoga session has reaffirmed my conviction to dedicate my body to yoga. I’m in desperate need of strength, flexibility, and an overall healthier body. I’m ready to yoga-it-up everyday in order to get there. I’d love to hear about all of your yoga experiences and tips!


Poor Girl’s Tip  

If you have $30 or so to spend on your fitness routine, check out Groupon and LivingSocial. They always have deals on local fitness classes, especially yoga. Most deals are a month unlimited for around $30. Once you’ve exasperated your thirty days, hop back online to find another deal at a different yoga studio. Genius!


Oh, I almost forgot…..Namaste.

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